Today’s the release date for three of my Forgotten Realms novels. In addition to Evermeet, there’s Tangled Webs and Windwalker, books 2 and 3 of the Starlight & Shadows trilogy. (Not sure what happened to book 1, Daughter of the Drow, but I’m looking into it…)  My short story collection, The Best of the Realms Book III, is out today, as are two anthologies to which I contributed stories. (Realms of Infamy, Realms of the Arcane.)  These are available through or  I’m adding links to both booksellers on each novel’s info page, so if you’re interested in a particular book, click on the title to go to the info page.  I’ll also be adding a Audio Books page to the website soon, to make things easier for people who have a particular interest in this format.

It’s exciting to see these backlist books return in new formats.  If you listen to one or more of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.