April/May writing summary

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Publications: 0
Submissions: 2
Acceptances: 0
Rejections: 5
Stories accepted and in the publication pipeline for 2018: 4
Projects currently in circulation or under consideration: 1
New projects: 2

Upcoming releases:

  • June: "The White Tunic," a short story reprinted in Digital Fantasy Fiction Anthology.
  • July: "Burning," a new short story in the anthology Hath No Fury.
  • September: "Plot Problems," a very short tale inthe reprint anthology Fantasy for the Throne: Single-sitting Reads.

Work in progress:

  • I've been focusing primarily on my historical fantasy novel this spring, so I didn't write any new short fiction. There's only one story still out in the wild, a reprint submitted to a themed anthology. I did line up two new projects in May, however, both of which are short stories for themed anthologies. One is set in a shared world, the other is creator-owned.