June writing summary

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2018 is half over! The June update is a summary of the year so far.


Publications: 0
New stories written: 1
Submissions: 14
Acceptances: 2
Rejections: 11
Stories accepted and in the publication pipeline for 2018: 4
Projects currently in circulation or under consideration: 3


Finishing up the "first draft" (more like the 57th, actually...) of my Elizabethan-era fantasy novel The Bridge to Alfhame. Almost there!


New Stories:

  • “Honest Trade,” short story written in early June and submitted to a themed anthology. Awaiting editor’s response.

Submissions, Acceptances, Rejections:

  • “Living Memory,” a story written in 2016-2017, was accepted in final version for Tales of Good Dogs, an anthology of stories set in the Pugmire RPG world.
  • "Plot Problems,” a flash fiction piece, previously published online in EGM Shorts and heavily revised, was submitted twice. It got a “near miss but send more!” on the first submission, and was accepted on the second submission for publication in Fantasy for the Throne, a reprint anthology of “single-sitting stories.”
  • “Family Matters,” a flash fiction story written in 2017 and submitted four times in 2018. Awaiting response on sub #4.
  • “She Who Is Becoming,” a short story originally published in The Phantom Queen Awakes (Morrigan Press, 2010) was submitted twice. Form letter from a reprint anthology (to which I promptly submitted “Plot Problems,” which they accepted) and a “near miss but send more!” from an ezine.
  • "Dead Men Tell No Tales,” a historical ghost story originally published in Sails & Sorcery (Fantasist Enterprises 2007) and reprinted in Memento Mori (Digital Fiction Publishing 2016) was declined by two reprint anthologies.
  • "Synthetic Sanctity,” a story written several years ago for a shared-world project that didn’t happen. I got the rights back and heavily revised the story to file off the shared-world serial numbers. Submitted three times in 2018. There have been a couple of near misses over its 11-submission history, but this story is Very Odd and I suspect it will probably find a home on my Patreon page. And speaking of which...


My new page is set up and ready to launch. No promo work done yet, and I need to reformat a short story collection that’s offered as a patron reward, but the site itself is ready to go live.