February in the rear view mirror

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February was mostly about plugging along, one day at a time. I'm making (slow) progress on the historical fantasy novel, which is my primary focus these days. I attended my first Boskone, a sff convention in Boston. I met with a local artist and good friend Deborah Baronas to discuss doing some skill-swapping: PR writing in exchange for Patreon and website banner art.

Publications: 0
Submissions: 1
Acceptances: 0
Rejections: 3
Projects currently in circulation or under consideration: 5


  • Submitted a bit of flash fiction to a new market.


  • Total of 3 rejections this month for two short stories I've been circulating.

Work in progress:

  • Still working on the first draft of my historical fantasy novel.
  • Waiting for contract/revision notes for a short story written for a themed anthology. Pub date not yet known.
  • Two stories accepted and in the pipeline for publication. Pub dates not yet known.

Writing related:

  • Attended Boskone, participated in a group book signing, two panels, and an open mike session.
  • Working on a harp arrangement for "Elminster's Jest," the song Danilo Thann's singing sword belts out during a battle in the Forgotten Realms novel Elfshadow.

Books read:

  • The Fairies in English Tradition and Literature by K.M. Briggs
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by lvin Schwartz

Books reading:

  • The Anatomy of Story by John Truby
  • Sword Fighting: A Introduction to Handling a Long Sword by Herbert Schmidt
  • Remembering the Hiragana by James W. Heisig
  • Figure It Out! Human Proportions by Christopher Hart