Just Keep Weaving

Just Keep Weaving coverI love short stories, both reading and writing them.  As a reader, I often discover new favorite writers in the pages of an anthology.  As a writer, I approach short fiction as opportunities to experiment with new styles, techniques, voices, even genres.  So this collection of short stories, mostly reprints, ranges from Arthurian fiction to historical ghost stories, and along the way includes mystery, flash fiction, sword & sorcery, fantasy inspired by myth and folklore, and one or two stories that are impossible to classify.

The cover art is a painting by John Waterhouse, depicting the Lady of Shallot in the moments before she looked up from her loom and glimpsed Lancelot. The title, "Just Keep Weaving," strikes me as good (and only slightly smart-ass) advice, and not just to the Lady.  Keep weaving the tale; don't get distracted by the shiny new idea riding by in sunlit armor.

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“Trophy Wife”–Lilith Unbound (Popcorn Press, 2008)

Hidden Blades”–The Doom of Camelot (Green Knight Press, 2000)

“Knight of the Lake”–Black Gate Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 3  Winter, 2002

“Juniper”—Cloaked in Shadow: Dark Tales of Elves(Fantasist Enterprises, 2005)

“Raven”—Modern Magic: Tales of Fantasy and Horror (Fantasist Enterprises, 2006)

“Dead Men Tell No Tales”—Sails & Sorcery (Fantasist Enterprises, 2007)

“Lorelei”–Worlds of Their Own (Planet Stories, Paizo, 2008)

“Beyond Dreams”–Beyond Magic (Del Rey, 2008)

“Burning Bright”–Catopolis (Daw, 2008)

“Jack and Jill”–Flash Me Magazine (Winged Halo, 2009)

“The Princess and the Psotnik”–www.ElaineCunningham.com  (May 2011)

“Maintenance”–www.ElaineCunningham.com  (October 2011)

“She Who Is Becoming”–The Phantom Queen Awakens (Morrigan Books, 2010)

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      Hi, John. This is currently ebook only, but one of my goals for 2015 is to do the necessary formatting and have it available as print-on-demand paperback though Amazon's Create Space.


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