EvermeetSerene, beautiful, inviolate, rich in magic and treasure. For centuries Evermeet has been a refuge to the beleaguered elves of Toril. But when the bard Danilo Thann began to gather elven legends to compile a history of the royal Moonflower family, he finds the roots of an emerging story:  a massive, devastating invasion of the elven island.

Mythology, history, a family saga that spans millennia, and the uncovering of secrets still known only to Danilo, a few elves, and real-world readers, Evermeet is twice a labor of love. Danilo intended it to be a gift for Arilyn, a half-elf of royal blood.  And this book, more than any since Elfshadow, embodies my deep and lasting affection for the Forgotten Realms.

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Not currently available. Please see this page on Amazon.com for used books.

3 thoughts on “Evermeet

  1. Considered by many THE elven book of the Forgotten Realms, this book is a must for those who want to know and understand the elves of Faerûn, especially the royal family of the fabled Green Isle.

  2. Wow, This book is amazing, best i’ve read in years. This is an amazing complete download of elven history. So intriguing. A must read for anyone who loves elves ad their culture.

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