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Free stuff! WINTER WITCH audiobook

Quite some time back, the good folks at Paizo Publishing sent me access codes for 5 free copies of the WINTER WITCH audiobook. These codes have been sitting around, collecting dust, so I’m giving away 2 of them on the Forgotten Realms Archive group on Facebook.  It’s a simple contest:  Add one comment to the post. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator at noon (EST) on May 1.

The Magehound, now available as an audio book

Another of my Forgotten Realms books has been released as an audio book.  Here’s a link to its page on Audible.com.

The Magehound is the first book in the Counselors & Kings trilogy, set in the magic-rich southern land of Halruaa.  This trilogy gives Forgotten Realms fans a rare and, sadly, last look at this fascinating realm, for most of Halruaa was destroyed by the Spellplague.  And by “destroyed” I mean gone.  Instead of land, there’s sea and swamp.

But!  With the D&D Fifth Edition coming up, the Forgotten Realms will be returning to a more recognizable form.  I will be very interested to see what this means for Halruaa.

In the meanwhile, there’s  The Magehound, followed by The Floodgate and The Wizardwar.

Clicking on any of the book links will take you to the info page for that book, where you’ll find a brief synopsis, as well as links to excerpts, reviews, and online booksellers.


More audio book releases–Forgotten Realms anthologies

Last week’s Audible releases included the following Forgotten Realms anthologies:

Realms of Valor (1993)
Realms of Infamy (1994)
Realms of Magic (1995)
Realms of the Underdark (1996)
Realms of the Arcane (1997)
Realms of  Mystery (1998)
Realms of the Deep (2000)
Realms of Shadow (2002)
Realms of Dragons (2004)
Realms of the Elves (2006)
Realms of War (2008)
Best of the Dead (2010)



Reprint collections:

Best of the Realms (2003)
Best of the Realms Book 2:  The Stories of Ed Greenwood (2005)
Best of the Realms Book 3:  The Stories o f Elaine Cunningham (2007)


One of my stories is included in all but three of these:  Realms of the Elves, Realms of the Dead and Best of the Realms Book 2: The Stories of Ed Greenwood.

Audio book releases

Today’s the release date for three of my Forgotten Realms novels. In addition to Evermeet, there’s Tangled Webs and Windwalker, books 2 and 3 of the Starlight & Shadows trilogy. (Not sure what happened to book 1, Daughter of the Drow, but I’m looking into it…)  My short story collection, The Best of the Realms Book III, is out today, as are two anthologies to which I contributed stories. (Realms of Infamy, Realms of the Arcane.)  These are available through Amazon.com or Audible.com.  I’m adding links to both booksellers on each novel’s info page, so if you’re interested in a particular book, click on the title to go to the info page.  I’ll also be adding a Audio Books page to the website soon, to make things easier for people who have a particular interest in this format.

It’s exciting to see these backlist books return in new formats.  If you listen to one or more of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.