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The German translation of Winter Witch will be released next week by publisher Feder & Schwert. They’ll have a page up late next week; I’ll provide a link when it’s available.

This might sounds like a dubious use of promotional energy, as most people who read this post probably won’t read or speak German, but you never know.

For example, I grew up hearing German spoken. Kinda sorta. My grandmother was Polish, and she often mixed up English and German words because hey–close enough. I just absorbed the meanings, as kids do, and not until I started taking German classes on a college level did I realize that I already knew a few bits and pieces.  A few years later, I took a class in German/English translation. And since I wasn’t the only person in any of those classes, I’m aware that not every American is monolingual as a matter of principle.

If German is not your thing, Winter Witch can be found on Amazon.com in French translation: La Sorciere de L’Hiver.