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Halloween Haiku, and the path ahead

Samhain–Halloween, in its current incarnation–was regarded by some people as the end of the old year. I like the idea of choosing costumes that represent what you’d like to change and how you’d like to grow in the coming year.

It’s also a good time to take stock of the things that are hindering you from becoming the person you’d like to be.  Could be friends or family, but more likely, it’s a script–a belief or pattern of thought–that has been playing in your head for as long as you can remember.

October 2018

What would you like to do during (or by) next October that you are not doing this year?  I’ll go first.

  • On October 1, e-publish Payback’s a Witch, a very quirky urban fantasy novel that’s been on my to-do list for years.
  • On October 10, start publishing Hex and Violins, a sequel to the above novel, as serial novella on Patreon, one chapter every day, with the conclusion on Halloween.
  • Write at least one new short story for a seasonal anthology.
  • Finish writing a ballad I started a few years back entitled “Tastefully Matted and Framed.”
  • Participate in Inktober and draw one sketch every day. 
  • Fall foliage hikes: Franconia Notch in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and Mt. Greylock in western Massachusetts.
  • Have photo taken in a black gown and my Victorian witch hat, use it as my author photo for the month.
  • Spend Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Go to Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts for one of their Haunted Halloween nights.
  • Go to the Jack o’Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo.
  • Make pumpkin whoopie pies filled with cream cheese icing.
  • Host a game night/pumpkin ale tasting

Halloween Haiku: Crows at night

Here’s today’s bit of seasonal micro-poetry.  As fellow corvid afficianados are likely to know, this haiku states fact: crows and ravens don’t fly at night. As twilight approaches, they return to their roost and stay until early morning. So if you DO see a crow-like creature out and about at night, you might want to reach for that bottle of holy water in your pocket.


Halloween Haiku (and limericks)

For two or three years now, I’ve been posting bits of seasonal micropoetry. This was prompted by Lester Smith’s yearly anthologies of Halloween poetry and short fiction, published by his micropress company Popcorn Press. I contributed to several of these anthologies. Lester is now retired, but I’ve gotten into the habit of writing small poems around this time of year.  Here’s a warm-up limerick.

Halloween Haiku

Thanks to a combination of existential dread and unexpectedly potent darjeeling tea, I had a rare bout of insomnia last night. On the bright side, I figured out how to download GIMP, something I’ve attempted several times before without success. This is my first, very elementary graphic. It’s also the first new Halloween Haiku of the season. (More of those coming in October.)  I’ve read that it has a steep learning curve, but if you’ve used PhotoShop, it’s not that difficult–at least, not on this rudimentary level.