Dark and twisty fairy tales

The anthology By Faerie Light has an Amazon.com listing!  Actually, it has two, one for the trade paperback and one for a very nifty hardcover edition.

Contributors include Dave Gross,  Cat RamboEd Greenwood, Jennifer Brozek, James L. Sutter, Erin Hoffman, Shanna Germain, Jeffrey Scott Petersen, Christie Yant, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Torah Cottrill, Erik Scott de Bie, Andrew Romine, Amber E. Scott, Jaym Gates, and Nathan Crowder.

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New email address

I’ve been using a Cox.net email address for over a decade, but unfortunately the service has been getting increasingly unreliable and it’s past time to make a change. If you need to contact me, please note the new address on my  Contact page.

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Free fiction: Dead Men Tell No Tales

In celebration of Halloween, here’s my favorite ghost story, originally published in Sails & Sorcery by Fantasist Enterprises and currently available in my ebook short story collection, Just Keep Weaving.

Follow the link below to 18th century Newport, Rhode Island and a story of piracy, loyalty, and debts repaid.

Dead Men Tell No Tales


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Cthulhu Haiku II

For the last several years,  Popcorn Press has been releasing a collection of poetry around Halloween.  In addition to a Halloween Haiku anthology, editor Lester Smith has focused on vampires, zombies, and the Cthulhu Mythos.  This year’s theme is a return to Lovecraft-inspired haiku and short fiction.

I was very pleased to learn that three of my poems will be included in this volume.

Submissions are still being accepted. For more info, please follow this link.

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Publication date for BY FAERIE LIGHT

Editor Scott Galen is wrapping up the final details on this anthology, which is scheduled for November 1 release. Please keep in mind that the veils between the worlds are thin around Samhain and take sensible precautions, such as sprinkling a circle of salt around your reading chair or having a bit of cold iron handy.

As a contributor to this anthology, I hereby disclaim any and all responsibility for mischief done and curses laid by any fey who may regard the reading of these tales as an invitation.

But if they do show up, take pictures.

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Just released: When the Hero Comes Home 2



The ePub format has been available for a week or so, but people who use Kindle or who prefer paper-and-ink books can now purchase the anthology through Amazon.com.

Trade paperback: Amazon.com

eBook: Kindle eBook version or  ePub Format



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