2017 wasn’t a big year for publications: one new short story (“Royal Daughters” in Sword & Sorceress 32), three reprints, and three history/historical fiction book reviews in the Renaissance Magazine “Tomes of Lore” column. Three completed short stories are in the pipeline for 2018–one in a reprint anthology and two new short stories in themed anthologies. No firm publication dates have been announced for any of these yet. I also finished an as-yet-unsold short story and heavily revised an old “trunk story.”

My primary focus in 2017 was researching and writing what will be my first new novel in several years. It’s set in a fantasy version of Elizabethan England in the years 1566-1567, and it focuses on many of my favorite things: music, magic, books, swords, folklore, history, complicated elves, treacherous fey, and lots of intrigue. It’s full of characters whose company I enjoy, and I’m having a ridiculously good time writing it. The first pass is finished and I’m working on the revised first draft. 

In writing-related news, I attended Gen Con as a guest of the Writers Symposium and joined the Horror Writers of America. I’ve set up a Patreon account to be launched in 2018, and I’ve started drawing again. A cartoon illustration of “Family Matters,” the first piece of flash fiction in my Patreon, will be posted in January.

On the personal front, I walked over 5 million steps in 2017, which works out to about 2330 miles. That’s longer than the Appalachian Trail, though admittedly with far fewer mountains.

Looking ahead to 2018!

I plan to have the first draft of the novel ready to submit in February. After a short break to write and submit a proposal for a Mythos-themed novella, I’ll be working on the outline for the second and third historical fantasy books, diving into book 2, and creating a website for the project.

For Patreon, I have enough stories and writing articles for the first few months. My goal is to publish, at minimum, one of each throughout 2018. How much additional time I can devote to Patreon content will, of course, depend upon the level of interest and support it inspires.

For conventions, I will be attending Boskone in February and South Coast Game Fest in March. An event schedule will follow shortly. I have been invited to participate in the Writers Symposium at Gen Con 2018 in August, and I’m open to invitations from other cons.