Champions_Aetaltis-Cover900pxThis anthology–a hefty tome with 470 pages– is now out in the wild.  Copies are going out to Kickstarter supporters now and the drop date for the general populace is April 12.  Here’s the pre-order page on  It woill be available as a trade paperback and ebook.

I’m very enthusiastic about the world of Aetaltis. It’s a fun, old-school fantasy setting, and I think fans of Thieves World, Greyhawk, and Forgotten Realms (2nd ed) will feel right at home here. If you’re considering the anthology but aren’t yet sold on the idea, check out the table of contents. Some of these names are bound to be familiar.


Table of Contents 

  • Mother of Catastrophes by Erin M. Evans
  • My Doom May Come Soon by Ed Greenwood
  • The Bridge by Larry Correia
  • Ashes of Victory by Elizabeth A. Vaughan
  • Tower of the Golden God by Steven S. Long
  • Bellar’s Thorn by Jean Rabe
  • The Warlady’s Daughter by Lucy A. Snyder
  • Upon Reflection by Aaron Rosenberg
  • A Whole Hearted Halfling by Melanie Meadors
  • Vendetta by Richard Lee Byers
  • True Monsters by John Helfers
  • Books Are No Good by Cat Rambo
  • The Secret of the Holy Crystal by Marc Tassin
  • The Undercity Job by Dave Gross
  • A Deeper Darkness by David Farland
  • Never a Moon So Bright by Elaine Cunningham
  • The Wailing Temple by Mel Odom

Here’s the first page of my story.  The last sentence, which is cut off by the page break, finishes with “…and they’ll make a lot more sense to you.”  This insight, which gets to the heart of my depiction of elves, came to me several years ago when I was watching a frustrated Siamese attempt to play my harp. “Damn these paws!  In ages past, my kind had slender, dexterous fingers and opposable thumbs…”

Hope you enjoy these tales!