Weekdays are for novel-length fiction. Evenings and weekends are for short stuff. Here’s what’s cooking in the short fiction department.

“Mother, Daughter, Holy Geist,” a short story for the Foreshadows: Ghost of Zero web fiction, is finished. There may be some small revisions to coordinate the fiction with the accompanying music, an original piece based on music by St. Hildegard, a 12th century mystic, musician, and polymath.

“A Single Thread” is set in Kingdoms of Legend, a Pathfinder-compatible game setting based on Europe in 1415. It’s finished, revised, and awaiting publication.

“Fairy Tales” is another story for a shared-world setting. It’s for an anthology that explores various aspect of fey/fairy lore.

Tw0 short stories inspired by the Cthulhu mythos. One will be for the print anthology Madness on the Orient Express, due December 1.  The second short story is for a project that has not yet been announced, and no due date has been set.

A story for a themed fantasy anthology.  It’s an invitation-only anthology and it hasn’t been announced, so I can’t  give details. Submission period is December 1-30.

“The Necromancer,” a short story that’s essentially a rematch between the two young wizards who faced off in “The Illusionist,” has not been scheduled or contracted, but I’ve got a go-ahead of the informal “write it and send it in” variety .  The story will be very short–only about 2500 words–written as a single-episode piece of web fiction.

So.  That’s my short fiction schedule for 2012 and early 2013.  I’ll post an update on novella/novel publications soon.