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Sveonis, the island at the center of Sevrin’s archipelogo, is the most wild and untamed of the seven main islands.  Deep forests sweep down from the mountain range that forms the island’s spine, giving way to thickets of wild berries and stretches of heather-covered meadow before plunging down rocky cliffs to the sea.

Access to Sveonis is limited, as there are no good sites for ports and only small boats can navigate the waters.  The climate is colder and more stormy than on most of Sevrin, due to the higher elevation, and the soil is too thin and rocky to support most crops.  The few inhabitants are mostly hunters and fisherfolk.  The primary trade goods are salmon caught in the cold, swift rivers,  meads made from heather honey, and the luxurious white winter pelts of the grivin, a large and ferocious member of the weasel family.  Some hunters make a living as guides, taking parties of wealthy Sevriners hunting, climbing, or caving.

There is no logging on Sveonis despite its central location, partly because this is impractical–the cliffs are so high and the coasts so rocky that logs dropped into the sea are likely to splinter–but also because of ancient legends that attend the island.  The notion “While the forests endure, so will Sevrin,” is so firmly engrained in the minds of Sevrin’s people that few think to challenge it.  To swear “by the trees of Sveonis” it to vow that your promise is eternal and unchanging.

The wild beauty of the island is celebrated in songs and story. Many of these tales focus on the Fairy Falls, which are located near the southwestern edge of the Sveonis Mountains.  These stories are of particular interest to Vishni, who is collecting them for inclusion in The Book of Vishni’s Exile.