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SEVRIN LORE: The Cat Tail Crusade

Twenty years ago, the people of Sevrin greeted the formation of the Council of Adepts with enthusiasm and accepted the changes this new regime proposed.  One rare but notable exception was the Cat Tail Crusade.

No one knows how cats first came to the islands of Sevrin, but sages agree they predated human settlement.  Sevrin’s cats are uncanny creatures, and they possess an  inscrutable culture that falls uncomfortably close to human notions of magic and ritual.  Whether ferril or domestic, cats gather under the full moon and again at moondark, “singing” in eerie unison before slinking off into the shadows.

According to legend, anyone who witnesses one of these gatherings will be granted the temporary gift of Sight–the ability to dream of the future, to perceive hidden motives, or to make the right choice in difficult situations. At the appropriate time of the moon, people who feel in need of insight leave lanterns burning in small groves and clearings, hoping to attract a feline coven.

As part of their attempts to break with Sevrin’s magic-laden past, the Adepts decreed a day of hunting and set a bounty to be paid for each cat tail turned in to the local magistrates.  The people responded with nearly universal outrage, and the idea was quickly dropped. To this day, a wrong-headed notion is often referred to as “cat-tailed foolishness.”