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SEVRIN LORE: Kronhus Observatory

The island of Kronhus lies northwest of Stormwall Island.  The view from Rhendish Manor on the main island of Sevrin includes a glimpse of the round stone tower that houses the observatory.

Kronhus is ruled, after a fashion, by Tymion, the most flamboyant and personable member of Sevrin’s Council of Adepts.  The primary focus for Tymion’s considerable energy is studying the night sky.  Presumably he sleeps during the day, but this doesn’t keep him from an active schedule of riding, hunting, fencing, dueling, and attending social gatherings.  Once the sun sets, however, Tymion is seldom away from his observatory,

Few people live on Kronhus during the deep-winter months, withdrawing to the main island or Sevrin or to the Crown, a string of tiny islands that curves northward from Kronhus. The use of fires, candles, or lanterns after sunset is strictly forbidden. No smoke or artificial light can mar Tymion’s view of the night sky. The observatory, and the few buildings that remain inhabited over the winter, are heated by hot water, the source of which is the hot springs beneath the mountainous island. 

During the summer, however, Kronhus swarms with artificers and craftsmen who work at the island’s primary exports:  navigational and optics devices.  Navigational devices range from astolobes to compasses to star charts. Optic include small telescopes for use at sea, larger telescopes for observatories, magnifying glasses, and monacles equipped with several lenses that can be adjusted for distance and magnification.

Glass-making is one of the primary trades of Kronhus residents.  Kronhus and its outlying islands are rimmed with fine, pale gray sand that in some lights looks purple.  The sand is silica, highly suitable for glass making.  There’s a considerable amount of amethyst among the clear quartz that, thanks to centuries of wind and water, became the famous Purple Sands of Kronhus.  Amethysts are still found in Kronhus, though no one actively mines for them.

In addition to sand ideal for glassmaking, Kronhus also has ideal fuel for its glassworks. Sea coal washes ashore with each tide.  Collecting these sparkling, jet-black nuggets is a year-round occupation for some of the hardiest residents of Kronhus and the Crown.