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When you picture a bard, chances are the image that pops into mind is a handsome, lute-playing young man or an elf maiden seated before a golden harp.  But when it comes to music, Sevrin’s dwarves have a long, loud tradtion.

They might be reclusive, but few people are as rowdy and fun-loving as dwarfs among friends. Hedvig makes friends easily, and unlike most dwarfs, she isn’t shy about performing outside of the clan hold.  She enjoys music of all kinds and she’s equally enthusiastic about a good fight. Her strong alto voice blends well with harp or dulcimer, but it’s at its best when accompanied by the clang and clamor of battle. Hedvig takes pride in the fact that she’s yet to experience a tavern brawl, bandit attack, monster incursion, or pitched battle that she couldn’t out-sing.