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SEVRIN LORE: Honor Evenstar

Spoiler warning:  This is background info on the titular character.  If you have not yet read Honor Among Thieves, you may wish to do so before reading this post.

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On a clear day, people on the eastern coasts of Sevrin’s islands can catch a glimpse of the mainland, where tall sea cliffs and  treacherous fjords guard the approach to a land of rugged mountains and deep, vast forest. Honor was born and raised in the midst of this forest, in an elven settlement hidden from human eyes.

A loose confederation of similar settlements is ruled by an elven queen, Asteria.  Honor is her twin-born sister and personal champion.

She began preparing for this role long before Asteria took the throne. Trained in combat since childhood, she spent her youth learning battle strategy from elven masters.  She also blazed new trails, traveling beyond the forest to study the ways of other races.  This raised concerns and oppositions among the elves, but she argued that understanding humans would allow her to anticipate them, thus enabling her to better defend her queen.

Honor’s captivity, however, has given her new insights into her people’s concerns.  She possesses information that could be used against the elves, but she’d never considered the possibility that she could be persuaded, by any means whatsoever, to part with it. She knows she has been compromised, but does not yet know to what extent.

Her greatest desire is to win her freedom and return to the forest.  Her lifelong devotion to duty forbids it. Until she understands the extent of what was done to her–and what she might have done at Rhendish’s bidding–she poses a danger to her people.

She is still fiercely loyal to Asteria, but she is not certain that, once all questions have been answered, her sister and queen will feel the same about her.