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The Thorn is an ancient elven artifact, a dagger grown from translucent crystal. Its most distinguishing feature is the rose in the heart of the crystal blade.  An illusion causes this rose to close at sunset and slowly unfurl throughout the day.  Elven legend claims that the rose will glow with red light if the dagger sheds a traitor’s blood.

Though this is undoubtedly an elf-crafted weapon, many dwarves believe they have a claim to it.  The dagger’s grip is fashioned from carmite, a rare stone that attracts and amplifies certain types of magic.  In particular, it can change the shape or even the very nature of stone. In the hands of a dwarf stoneshifter, the Thorn could be a powerful tool or deadly weapon.

The legends of these two races differ in their accounts of how elves acquired the carmite for the Thorn, and certainly they disagree on who rightfully owns it, but they agree on one thing:  the dagger cannot be allowed to fall into human hands.  Dwarves might not always like or understand elves, but they have no fear that the forrest people will use the Thorn to invade dwarven fortresses or collapse dwarven tunnels.  They have less faith in the motives of any human sorcerer.