A favorite midsummer sport among Sevrin’s children is searching the forests for pixie portals.  This is far riskier than it sounds, as pixies have been known to lay traps near their homes, or to place them near lairs of dangerous forest creatures.  Adventurous lads and maids sometimes follow boar hunters in hope of finding a nearby portal.  This is strictly forbidden, as it not infrequently ends in tragedy, but children continue to find ways to slip into the forest.

A few children climb trees to search for pixie portals amid the branches, but most legends agree that these are placed too high for even the smallest human to reach. Portals placed near the base of trees, however, are easier game, as are the pixies who live within.  These are not winged creatures, but tiny beings who live primarily on the forest floor.

According to the legends, a captured pixie must grant a boon in order to gain its freedom.  Among the most popular stories are those of Sim Neverslain, a mischievous boy who captured a pixie and asked for never-ending adventures.  An eventful, and not entirely legal, career followed, until the High Kings of Sevrin (this legend comes from the age before the sorcerer Eldreath) banished him from the Seven Islands.

Sim sailed away to seek misadventure elsewhere, and because the terms of his banishment mentioned only the seven main islands, legend claims that he occasionally comes ashore on the small islets.  It’s a custom among the residents of the Crown islands to attribute small thefts, unexplained breakages, and minor mischiefs to Sim.