Seven powerful alchemists known as adepts rule the islands of Sevrin.  Rhendish rules the largest island, which is also known as Sevrin.  The island next in importance–or first in importance, depending upon whom you ask–is Stormwall Island, which is ruled by the adept Muldonny.

A plump, fussy, middle-aged man, Muldonny is reclusive to the point of paranoia.  He seldom leaves his double-walled fortress and permits no one to enter the inner sanctum but a few carefully selected visitors.   Not even servants and guards are permitted, only the clockword constructs he builds with his own hands.  Even then, Muldonny is not a trusting man, and he keeps alchemical weapons on hand in the remote possibility that a clockwork guard might malfunction.

Anyone meeting Muldonny today might have a difficult time equating him with the warlord who played a pivotal role in the overthrow of the sorcerer Eldreath.  He is aware that his warlord image would be tarnished by his comfort-loving appearance, and he limits his visitors to his fellow adepts and visiting alchemists. Among his peers, his reputation is as bright as ever, and he is widely regarded to be the most powerful of Sevrin’s adepts.

Stormwall Island is the center of Sevrin’s contact with the Known Lands.  It is the only island with a deepwater port, and all goods and travelers enter Sevrin at Stormwall.  In times past, the fortifications of Stormwall held off invaders, and Muldonny’s vast stone fortress is still considered the cornerstone of Sevrin’s defense. 

The adept rules the island through a team of senechals and prefers to spend his time in study and research, but the mere fact that he lives is enough to make the people of Sevrin feel secure and ambitious foreigners regard the islands as unassailable.

Muldonny is passionately interested in the old races, the elves in particular.  He collects elven artifacts and has a vast personal library of learned tomes and travelers’ tales dealing with elves.  He has never actually met an elf, though this is a personal and private dream.   A few of his fellow adepts know of this interest and worry about what it might portend.