Sevrin is made of of seven main islands, as well as many small outlying islands, some of them no bigger than a couple of jagged rocks thrusting out of the sea. One of the northernmost islands, Troll Watch, is large enough to support a few wild sheep and perhaps a small fishing community.  Indeed, some scattered stone ruins suggest that it was inhabited at one time, but no one one has lived on Troll Watch within the span of human memory.

In addition to the bleak landscape and rocky sea barriers, Troll Watch is rendered forbidding by a circle of ten-foot-tall standing stones, the origin of which is unknown.

About fifteen years ago, a fisherman casting herring nets nearby noted that the stone nearest the shore was getting a little rough around the edges. Curious, he came closer, only to have his boat dashed to pieces on the rocks. He managed to climb onto a piece of wreckage and was picked up the following day.  He died of exposure and cold before nightfall, and his ravings about “awakening trolls” were dismissed as delirium.

But when another fisherman noted the changing stones, someone remembered the dead man’s story.  The adepts sent Gatherers to investigate Troll Watch.  They affirmed that the standing stones did appear to be changing.  The likeness to trolls was faint, but too pronounced and uniform to dismiss as the random effect of wind and water erosion.

The adepts dismissed this phenomenon as the work of men who possessed an excess of time, mischief, and chisels.  But they secretly established a small community of watchers  on the island to make sure this was not, in fact, what was happening.  The standing stones continue to evolve into troll shape, for reasons no one can ascertain.

The adept Muldonny was particularly interested in this mystery.  He had one of the stones pulled down and shipped to his fortress workshop on Stormwall Island.  A man of great imagination and ingenuity, he thought it entirely possible that someone might have cloaked statues in a rock-like substance that would erode in response to some as-yet-unknown  trigger.  He spent several years chipping off small bits of stone and testing it for the presence of solvents and other signs of alchemical interference.

As time when on, Muldonny talked less and less about his experiments, and he looked increasingly uneasy when the subject came up.  It was noted that Muldonny turned pale when Rhendish jokingly said, “If that was a real troll, imagine how unhappy he’d be with you.” Muldonny never spoke of the stone again, but there are quiet (and largely approving) murmurs on Stormwall Island of a certain moonless night and a barge floating out to sea with a cargo of  stone rubble, followed some hours later by a burst of distant fireworks on the watery horizon.