The clockwork sculpture garden in the shadow of Crystal Mountain, the hill crowned by the manor of the Adapt Rhendish, is popular at any time of year, but as winter approaches and the days grow short and cold, children look forward to a special treat:  Dragon fangs.

Several whimsical clockwork sea serpents are scattered throughout the garden, metal heads poking up through the soil in imitation of sightings at sea. When the sun reaches its zenith, the dragons lower their heads to a child’s level and open their jaws.  The “Bloody fangs” inside are berry-flavored icicles. Children crowd around to reach into the dragon’s mouth and pluck out the tasty fangs.

Of course, there are curmudgeons who grumble about the frivolity and expense, but this is exceedingly popular with the young and their parents. A few people might ponder whether such displays are deliberately calculated to make the Adepts’ clockwork devices appear harmless and friendly, but such people are wise enough to keep their opinions to themselves.