To the south of Stormwall, the fortress island guarding the approach to the Sevrin archipelago, lies a tiny, wooded island known as Faunmere.  Like most of Sevrin’s islands, it offers few hospitable havens for boats.  The water drops off suddenly, and thick brambles grow nearly to the water’s edge. The only good place to pull a rowboat ashore is a small cove with a narrow, gravel-strewn beach.

No one lives on Faunmere, so it’s a popular spot for summer trysts. Others come to the island to pick berries or to see the white squirrels that fill the tiny forest. But first sign of sunset color sends visitors scurrying for their boats. According to the storyspinners, no place in all of Severn is as haunted, and no ghosts quite so vengeful.

A popular type of ghost story is called “The White Cloak.” There are many variations, but most start with a man arranging for an enemy to acquire a fine cloak lined with white fur–the pelts of Faunmere squirrels, which are, according to the tales, the daytime manifestations of the island’s ghosts.  In many versions, the cloak’s owner is driven mad by ghostly visitations, but Sevrin’s bards delight in creating new twists for this tale.