Nimbolk is an warrior of Mistheim, the elven settlement hidden deep within the mainland’s northern forests.  Though he has never set foot on Sevrin, he is well acquainted with one of its current residents. He grew up with the elf who calls herself Honor. Throughout their youth they were friendly rivals who competed at arms, feats of skill, and nearly everything else. But the thing Nimbolk most desired, the role of queen’s champion, went to Honor.

Honor was raised to be a warrior. Her twin-born sister, Asteria, was destined to be queen and had a very different training. Though the sisters did not spend as much time together as they might have liked, theirs was a close and powerful bond.  When Honor disappeared from the forest, Asteria kept searching for her and refused to name a new champion. Nimbolk acted as Asteria’s unofficial champion.  His hope of gaining that title were shattered last midwinter, when Asteria received a message from Honor urging her to call a tribunal in the Starsingers Grove and bring the Thorn, a ceremonial dagger capable of unveiling an elven traitor.

Nimbolk was numbered among the elves who gathered in the Starsingers Grove. According to the adept Rhendish, Honor was the only elf who survived when the gathering was attacked by a band of rogue Gatherers. If Rhendish is mistaken (or if he lied), Honor’s old friend could be her most implacable foe.