Sevrin is composed of seven main islands and many smaller islets. Predictably, fishing is a common occupation and an vital part of the economy. But as important as fish is to the Sevrin diet, there are nights when fisherfolk would rather kiss a selkie than face another fish. And so when a tavern in the fishing village of Whalespout renamed itself No Damn Chowder and altered its menu accordingly, it became an instant success.

Before long, No Damn Chowder signs were common sights along docks and in seaside villages. Typical fare includes spit-roasted fowl and stewed rabbit pies, goat or mutton, and small loaves of bread served warm with a wedge of cheese and small bowls of meat drippings for dipping. No fish is served. Ever.

Everyone knows about the  storyspinner who was tossed through a window for singing a sea chanty at a No Damn Chowder tavern, though no one can agree on exactly where that happened.