There are many oaths you can swear in Sevrin to indicate that your word is to be taken very seriously, but if you swear “by the trees of Sveonis,” you’re indicating a steadfastness of purpose that will transcend eternity.

This is not an oath sworn lightly or often, for if you turn this coin over you’ll find a darker side: A deeply held belief that Sevrin’s survival is tied to the trees of Sveonis.  Few Sevriners are willing to tempt this fate.

Most of the lumber that goes to Sevrin’s shipyards comes from Heminar, an island characterized by rolling hills and deep, fertile soil. No one cuts trees on Sveonis. Even deadfall wood is left to return to the soil.  Green witches used to gather a few branches of fallen trees to fuel fires for rituals or for boiling down certain potions.  Anyone who casts such a ritual or drinks such a potion had better be commited to the result, for no one has ever found a way to undo them.

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