Elves belong to the natural world, and their ties to the land, the stars, and the seasons are deep and profound. Fairies belong to the fey realms, a strange and alien place on another plane of existence. But there are portals between the worlds, and beings who have a place in both. One of these creatures is Minue, a dryad who makes her home in the deep forests surrounding Starsingers grove.

Most dryads are associated with a single tree, but Minue can move at will among many trees in the elfin forest, as well as to their counterparts in Faerie. On rare occasions she will take a mortal with her–either a human male who has captured her fancy, or a beleaguered elf in desperate need of refuge. Most elves can point to one or two trees that are part of Minue’s domain, but no elf knows them all.

No one is quite sure why Minue’s territory and powers are so different from other dryads. Some consider her the mother of all dryads, others wonder if she’s a fairy who is adept at passing into the mortal realm, still others believe she is a goddess whose true home is yet another plane of existence.  Little is known of her nature and still less of her purposes. People who are granted refuge or spirited away by Minue might emerge from a nearby portal within minutes. Others might appear years later with no memory of their lost time. A few return with gifts of mind or magic. And some disappear forever.  No one has ever been able to discern a pattern or predict what an outcome might be. Needless to say, any elf who calls upon Minue for refuge had exhausted all other options.


This lore article provides background information for Honor Bound, Chapter 2.

The art is Golden Wood Dryad by Susan Schroeder, and is posted here with the artist’s permission. To see more of Susan’s work, visit www.susanschroder.com.