January in review:

  • Wrote and submitted an essay to an anthology.
  • Revised a short story written a couple of years back and submitted to two markets. (One rejection, awaiting response on second submission.)
  • Revised and submitted a previously published short story to a reprint anthology.
  • Read materials for a commissioned short story, pitched story premise to editor. (Premise approved. Awaiting Kickstarter results.)


  • Nearing the finish line on a short ebook about habit acquisition
  • Researching a non-fiction book for middle readers; more info coming soon
  • Wrapping up a short story for a themed anthology


  • “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” reprinted in the ebook anthology¬†Memento Mori¬†by Canadian publisher Digital Press

Submissions: 5

Acceptances: 1

Rejections: 1

February plans:

First off, I plan to hit my February 6 deadline for a solicited short story. I’ve got to put the finishing touches on another solicited short story, and I’m on track to complete the first draft of the habit ebook. Research for the non-fiction book is an ongoing, long term project; this month I’ll be reading two or three history books and working on the outline. A major February project will be deciding what novel to write next, and mapping out a long term plan.