This ambitious project blends cyberpunk short fiction, art, and electronic music to illustrate a future world where, as a cynical P.I. observes, “technology is advancing, but humans are regressing.”  Governments have been (openly) replaced by corporations. Wars are fought over control of the Worldnet. The line between humans and simulacrum is not always apparent at first glance.  And a mysterious being known as the Geist thrives on the tech and chaos.

Foreshadows: The Ghost of Zero is available as either a trade paperback with accompanying CD, or as an eBook. Clicking on the title will take you to the publisher’s page, where you’ll find all the info you need.

You’ll also find a link to Webshadows, an extension of the Foreshadows project that offers free online stories and music. The first Webshadow, a tale by Jaleigh Johnson, is online now.

I recently turned in the manuscript for “Mother, Daughter, Holy Geist,” a short story set in an abbey on the Irish coast, where the cloistered sisters of the Order of St. Hildegard, like their patron saint, pursue excellence in music and science. With the help of their Abbess–a biological computer built upon DNA obtained from Hildegard’s shrine–they seek ways to bring synthetic sanctity to a troubled world.

The story will be online in late 2012. Details about the accompanying art and music coming soon.