Publications: 1

  • “Lorelei” was published in the reprint anthology Literal Illusions (Digital Fiction Publishing)

Work in progress: Several

  • New fantasy novel, details coming soon

Projects completed in June: 4 

  • Revised a story that was solicited for a shared-world anthology.
  • Revised a sf story written a few years back.
  • Wrote a review of How To Be a Tudor, by Ruth Goodman.
  • Wrote a review of The Private Lives of the Tudors, by Tracy Norman.

Submissions: 7

  • Submitted the two book reviews listed above to a paying print market.
  • Turned in the revision of a solicited short story.
  • Submitted revised short story. (This is the 5th market to which I’ve submitted. Persistence!)
  • Submitted a flash fiction story published in 2015 to a reprint market.
  • Submitted a story published in 2005 to a reprint market.
  • Submitted a story published in 2007 to a reprint market

Rejections: 1

  • The flash fiction reprint was declined. Editor asked to see more stories, both reprints and new.


  • Started linking my books to my Amazon Affiliates page. If you plan to order one of my books, or a book I’ve reviewed and recommended on my blog, please consider following the link supplied, as I will receive a (teeny) commission on books sold through my affiliate links.
  • Mailed a set of the Songs & Swords books in Spanish translation to the winner of the May contest on Facebook group Forgotten Realms Archives. Donated a second set to a high school library in New Hampshire.