Halloween Haiku II

As it has every year since 2009, Popcorn Press will be publishing a collection that’s mostly seasonal poetry, with a bit of short fiction tossed into the mix.

This will be my third appearance in PP’s Halloween collections.  My contributions include a short free verse poem, two haiku, and the foreword. Editor Lester Smith brings his usual seamless professionalism and joyful sense of play to this project. If all collections were this much fun, everyone would be reading and writing poetry.

As it should be.

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I found this on the Chaosium website. Nifty cover!  Nice blend of luxury travel and eldritch horror.

The release date is listed as September 21.  Add a slice of warm apple pie, maybe an Octoberfest micro-brew, and you’ve got a great Autumn Solstice celebration right there.

Scroll down two posts for a Table of Contents.



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Knight in the Silk Purse, ebook

The second anthology set in the fantasy city of Taux is finally available in ebook format.

Here’s the link to the Kindle ebook at Amazon.com

Here’s the ePub version at State of the Genre website

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ToC for “Madness on the Orient Express”

A few days back, the contributors to this upcoming Cthulhu-inpired anthology received this Table of Contents and the go-ahead to share it.

Introduction by James Lowder
“There is a Book” by Dennis Detwiller
“The Lost Station Horror” by Geoff Gillan
“Bitter Shadows” by Lisa Morton
“La Musique de l’Ennui” by Kenneth Hite
“A Great and Terrible Hunger” by Elaine Cunningham
“Inscrutable” by Robin D. Laws
“Engineered” by Ari Marmell
“Black Cat of the Orient” by Lucien Soulban
“The Face of the Deep” by C.A. Suleiman
“Demons Dreaming” by Cody Goodfellow
“A Finger’s Worth of Coal” by Richard Dansky
“Bound for Home” by Christopher Golden
“Stained Windows” by Joshua Alan Doetsch
“On the Eastbound Train” by Darrell Schweitzer
“The God Beneath the Mountain” by James L. Sutter
“Daddy, Daddy” by Penelope Love

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By Faerie Light II

The packaging of the anthology By Faerie Light is a little bit confusing, even for someone who has a story in this anthology.  Or a story in HALF of the anthology, depending upon whether you’re going with the paperback or the ebook.

Yeah, I know. Here’s how that works.

The dead-tree version of By Faerie Light contains all 18 stories. Behold the cover, just over there to the right.

The ebook version has been broken up into two sections.  The first half, By Faerie Light Vol. 1,  uses the same cover, which makes sense. (Unlike the whole splitting-up-the-ebook thing, which really doesn’t.) My story isn’t in this ebook.  It’s in By Faerie Light II, which, as I discovered today, has a different cover.  So if you want to read “The White Tunic,” a twisty little tale that features clever farm lads and malevolent scheming fairies and dragons and Far Worse Things, you’ll want the ebook with the blue cover. That said, at $2.99 each, you could probably go pink AND blue.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this tale. Leave a comment here or on Facebook or, if you prefer, drop me an email.

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This week’s reading list

I’ve been hitting the gym every day after lunch for an hour on the recumbent bicycle, going nowhere faster than a hamster on amphetamines. And the odd thing is, I look forward to  Hamster Time. Along with a good cardio workout (and, eventually, thinner thighs),  I get  an hour to read.  Here’s this week’s Hamster Time Titles.

Wisp of a ThingWisp of a Thing by Alex Bledsoe is the second book in his Tufa series. Read The Hum and the Shiver first. You don’t have to–Wisp is not a sequel and both stories stand alone just fine–but you’ll want to.  Trust me on this.  This series offers a fresh approach to fairy folklore, memorable characters, solid pacing, and very fine writing. Alex Bledsoe is now officially my favorite urban fantasy writer, bumping Charles de Lint down to second.  Yeah.  It’s that good.




The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani is an excellent, actionable approach to the topic.  Kabani not only knows her stuff, she updates it.  There’s a link to a continuously updated online ebook. This is a great idea, since so many books on related topics are out of date before they’re published.


Land of the Silver Dragon

Land of the Silver Dragon by Ayls Clare is the fifth novel in her Aelf Fen Mystery.  The mysteries themselves tend to be slight–in this book it’s almost non-existent–but Clare excels at creating a sense of time and place–the fens north of Cambridge, during the reign of William Rufus (the son of William the Conqueror.) Apprentice healer Lassair is an appealing first-person protagonist.  If you’re a fan of medieval-era historical fiction, this series is worth a look.



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