Anthologies & Collections

Short story collections

  • Best of the Realms Book III: The Stories of Elaine Cunningham (Wizards of the Coast, 2007)

Stories in themed anthologies

  • “Hidden Blades,” Doom of Camelot (Green Knight Press, 2000)

  • “Juniper,” Cloaked in Shadow: Dark Tales of Elves (Fantasist Enterprises, 2005)

  • “Ravens,” Modern Magic: Tales of Fantasy and Horror (Fantasist Enterprises, 2006), reprinted in Killing it Softly (Digital Press, 2016)

  • “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” Sails & Sorcery (Fantasist Enterprises, 2007), reprinted in Memento Mori (Digital Press, 2017)

  • “Lorelei,” Worlds of Their Own (Planet Stories, Paizo, 2008), reprinted as a digital short story (Digital Press, 2017)

  • “Trophy Wife,” Lilith Unbound (Popcorn Press, 2008)

  • “Burning Bright,” Catopolis (Daw, 2008)

  • “She Who Is Becoming,” Phantom Queen Awakens (Morrigan Books, 2010)

  • “Vassillisa’s Doll,” When the Hero Comes Home: Volume 2 (Dragon Moon Press, 2013)

  • “A Great and Terrible Hunger,” Madness on the Orient Express (Chaosium, 2014)

Forgotten Realms Anthologies

  • Realms of Valor (1993), “The Bargain”

  • Realms of Infamy (1994), “The More Things Change”

  • Realms of Magic (1995), “The Direct Approach”

  • Realms of the Underdark (1996), “Rite of Blood”

  • Realms of the Arcane (1997), “Secrets of Blood, Spirits of the Sea”

  • Realms of the Deep (2000), “Fire is Fire”

  • Realms of Shadow (2002), “A Little Knowledge”

  • Realms of Dragons (2004), “Gorlist’s Dragon”

  • The Best of the Realms, Book III: The Stories of Elaine Cunningham (2007), “The Knights of Samular, “Tribute,” and  “Answered Prayers”

  • Realms of War (2008), “Redemption”

Other shared-world anthologies

  • Tales of Ravenloft (TSR, 1994), “Song Snatcher”

  • Tales of Tethedril (Del Rey, 1998), “The Sleeping Sauran”

  • A Knight in the Silk Purse: The Ghosts of Taux (Art of the Genre, 2014), “The Fairest Flower”

  • Champions of Aetalis (Mechanical Muse, 2015), “Never a Moon So Bright”


  • “Beyond Dreams,” a novella in the three-author paranormal romance anthology Beyond Magic (Tor 2008)

Poetry Anthologies

  • Halloween Haiku, Popcorn Press, 2011  (Print edition)

  • Cthulhu Haiku 2, Popcorn Press, 2014 (Print edition)

  • Halloween Haiku II, Popcorn Press, 2015

  • Zen of the Dead, Popcorn Press, 2015

  • Lycan Lunes, Popcorn Press, 2016

Anthologies edited

My only editorial project to date is a micro-press anthology of short fiction inspired by Lilith mythology.

Lilith Unbound“Bound is the bewitching Lilith…” So begins an ancient incantation for protection against the demon Lilith. Lilith, the First Woman, the wife Adam discarded when she refused to submit to his will. Lilith, the goddess of storms, the night bird. Lilith, the succubus who haunts men’s dreams and steals their souls. Lilith the child-slaying monster, the mother of demons. Lilith the feminist poster girl. Lilith the muse.

The stories in this collection set Lilith free to explore all these aspects. Mike Resnick and Lawrence Schimel portray her as the ultimate shiksa. Nisi Shawl goes looking for her in the savannas of Africa. J. Robert King finds her in the changeling babies of a modern world. Ed Greenwood delivers her in a mysterious and seductive painting. T. L. Morganfield melds Lilith lore with Native American mythology. Jackie Kessler explores her succubus origins. Eirene Donohue twines a handful of Lilith themes into a tale of storm-chased young girl. Within these pages Lilith is a vengeful asteroid, a self-help guru, a divorce lawyer, and much, much more…

Trade paperback: Popcorn Press

Ebook: Amazon Kindle Edition