Undercover vice cop Gwen Gelman left the force under a cloud of suspicion after a bust went wrong.  Now working on her own, she pieces together a living doing small jobs few detectives would consider worth doing. When a wealthy family hires her to find their missing daughter, Gwen stumbles into an older, more personal mystery.  An orphan raised in the system, Gwen learns that everything she knew about her family was a lie. Her too-young appearance and the strange flashes of insight that have plagued her since childhood take on new significance when she  learns that elves are living hidden lives in the prosaic city of Providence, Rhode Island.  Far from the shining beings of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, these are creatures from folklore and nightmares. They’re determined to reclaim lost power–and Gwen, as well.


Shadows in the Darkness

Shadows in the Starlight

Paperback reprint:

Shadows in the Darkness

Shadows in the Starlight


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Shadows in the Starlight Kindle
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  1. I read this series years ago and I loved it I still have the books on my keep shelf … and I am kinda sad that there haven’t been more books in the series … I know its been a long time but hopefully there might be more books to come ??

      1. Would it be inappropriate to see this and say “YIPPEE!!!!!!!!” If so…I’m inappropriate. Any idea on the publication date?

        1. Saying “YIPPEE!” is only inappropriate at funerals, and even then it’s often justified.

          No hard publication date yet. This will be an independently published project, so it’s a matter of how long it takes to get it written, edited, proofed, formatted, and published (both in ebook and POD format). I’m shooting for November 2013. The artist is already working on the cover, so things are moving ahead.

          1. Any word on this? Outside of your works for Liriel Baenre, these are my favorite of all your novels. I’m really excited to hear you are doing a 3rd book.

  2. It would be fantastic if the series was continued. I was so frustrated when the publisher cut it off. I can’t wait for the book and am especially happy that it will be available in print. Thank you!!! (P. S. Please chose a POD-publisher who sells outside the USA.)

      1. Thank you for your reply, Elaine! I would not have troubled you with this question had I not already gone and checked on Amazon, where I get the laconic notice “This title is not currently available for purchase”. Perhaps it’s something with my account, or location; I’ll do some more checking, but just on the off-chance it’s somehow not a problem for me alone, it might be worth looking into on your end (or Amazon’s) as well.

        At any rate, it’s a delight to find out that you’re in such dedicated contact with your fans. I’ve finally realized that after all these years I’ve never read Elfshadow in English (even though I had it on my shelf since 2001) and my oh my, is it better in the original or what. The Hebrew translator should be put in Elaith’s black list, I swear, and Dan, if ever so possible, is even more charming in his shallow-fop act.

        Are your short Realm stories available in any digital form? I ordered the hard copy of “The Best Of The Realms III” this morning (I can’t believe there were original Songs & Swords works I didn’t know – the wonders of the internet!) but I would much better like to have them on my Kindle (or rather, I’m impatient and waiting the month it takes to deliver here is hard).

        Thank you again for your replies, and I’m so happy you’re still writing, and so attentive to your fans. It’s a true delight.

        1. Hi, Bell.

          I’m not sure why you’re getting an error message from Amazon. When I checked, the books were available. Since you mentioned the Hebrew translation of ELFSHADOW, I’m wondering if it might be a territorial issue. When publishers list ebooks on Amazon, they choose where a book can be sold. So not all ebooks have worldwide distribution. I’m not sure what’s the deal with this particular book, and unfortunately, I don’t think I’d have a very good chance of getting this info. The project editor passed away a few years back, and I don’t currently have any contacts there. Without an editor in your corner, trying to track down an answer in a publishing house is like entering a minotaur’s maze, minus the string and add a lot more bull.

          I have two Hebrew versions of ELFSHADOW–the original, which was done almost 20 years ago, and a more recent effort. I don’t know how good the second translation is, but I have it on good authority that the first one sucked pond water through a party straw. Or words to that effect.

          At this point, there isn’t an ebook version of my Forgotten Realms short story collection. If/when they do one, I really hope they include the few stories that didn’t make it into the collection. For that matter, I’d love to add a new story or two, so that people who are transferring their paper library to digital will get something new. But… ::shrugs:: We’ll see.


          1. Thank you again for the comment! I guess it -is- a matter of territory, and I’ll just have to get the paperback. Oh well.

            The new edition of Elfshadow in Hebrew is just a re-print; the original translation belonged to one company that’s been closed since, and the new company that picked up the torch of making money out of fantasy and sci-fi got the permits to use the old print plates; so it’s the very same abominable translation, and while I wrote to you about ten years ago that it’s bad, I had no idea quite -how- bad until I read the English this week. Last year I bumped into the Hebrew Elfsong and started reading it and, ah – look, I don’t want to be overly dramatic and such so I’ll keep this to relatively polite words: this translation is butchery. Half the time you can’t even understand what the words mean because they don’t combine into anything coherent. I had to check the English to understand what was going on. I emailed the publishing house and asked permission to re-translate or re-edit it for them, but never got a reply.

            I’m very sorry your writing is treated this way here. If it’s any consolation, you’re in good company – from Guy Gavriel Kay to G.R.R Martin, almost 100% of the fantasy in Hebrew is treated this way. I’m just extra sensitive to what’s been done to your books because they’re my childhood favourites.

            I do hope that one day your short Realms stories will be digitally published, and if that happens, I do hope you can put everything you want into that! I don’t know how accommodating Wizards of the Coast are to this idea, but I do wish you all the luck with it. I’ll be among the first to purchase it when this happens.

            Thank you again for the answers, attention and patience of reading my long notes. And good luck, with anything!

  3. Any word on a third book in the Changeling Detective series? I have recently read the series again and am looking forward to another novel. So many stories still to be told!

  4. Nov. 2014: Did you ever decide to write Mooncast Shadows? Noticed you wrote about this a year ago. Liked the Gwen stories – interesting, multi-faceted character and intriguing story line. Figured it was another one of those publisher “drops” so common if a series doesn’t hit stratospheric sales immediately. Would love a third book – Kindle version maybe?

    1. Hi, Julia!

      Glad to hear you enjoyed Gwen’s story. I would like to return to it, but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen. But yes, it would be an ebook original, with a POD hard copy option for people who prefer that format.

      1. SO glad to hear that! I’am really a fan, just love books series and this happen to be my FAV. Actually I just did read them again, and there are lots of questions hanging and waiting for the answers! 🙂 thank you! Thank you again for your reply, and I’m so happy you’re still writing, and so attentive to your fans.
        -from Philippines with <3

    1. Hi, Stacie. Thanks for your note. I do have the go-ahead from The Literary Agency, who owns a share of the copyright for this series, so it’s definitely a possibility. If you are so inclined, check back in early February. January is booked–I’m finishing up a non-fiction ebook and writing several short stories–but I haven’t scheduled the rest of the year yet and in early February I’ll be making decisions about next directions. I should have a better idea then.


      1. Just wanted to add my voice that I, too, would love more Gwen. Just want to be sure you know she has plenty of fans. Fingers crossed.

  5. Found Shadows in the Darkness at a charity shop and stayed up all night to finish it. LOVE Gwen’s character. Liked the interactions between characters. Ordered a copy of the second book, and will be hoping for a third, too! Glad that your writing schedule is too busy for your sake, but sad for us 🙂

    1. Hi, Margarette! Thanks for the note. I haven’t ruled out a third Gwen book, but it keeps getting pushed down on the Things To Do list.

  6. Hi,

    I only discovered these recently, and after devouring both books I found myself still craving more. So I am adding my voice to the chorus of people wanting to read about Gwen’s further adventures.

    I loved your Forgotten Realms books, but didn’t realize you had more published works. So now I am off to see what other excellent books you have written. I look forward to the adventure, and thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination and storytelling skills with us by whatever path the tales may take!

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