Several years ago, fantasy author R.A. Salvatore, an avid online gamer, got the ball rolling for a series of novels set in the word of EverQuest.  The series was short-lived: The Blood Red Harp was the fourth and final novel.


The dark elf vampire who rules Castle Mistmore is searching for a small red harp. Chanzoon Nexus, necromancer, wants to know why. He has the harp in his possession; now he needs a bard who can play it well enough to uncover its secrets. But Faydwer’s bards consider harps to be quaint folk instruments, unworthy of their attention.

Elizerain grew up with a harp in her hands. A merry, fun-loving wood elf, she collects ballads like other adventurers collect treasure. If these story-songs are entertaining, she doesn’t care if they’re accurate. ┬áThat was before a necromancer’s curse gave her a choice: learn the true stories behind her ballads, or die screaming.

One such ballad features her new red harp. Intent on her search, surrounded by deadly enemies and treacherous alliances, Elizerain doesn’t realize that the real danger may be the harp itself.




Ebook: Not available in digital format.

2 thoughts on “EverQuest

  1. i was wondering if you have you considered doing something set in the world of Everquest 2?

    P.s. I love your works! Especially the daughter of the drow series!

    1. Hi, Jason. When I started writing THE BLOOD RED HARP, the plan was for it to be the first in a series featuring the characters it introduced. But for a variety of reasons, the EverQuest novel line didn’t take off, and it was cancelled after just four books. Mine was the last one. I haven’t heard of any attempt to revisit the EverQuest setting, but if such a thing did happen, I would certainly consider it.

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