Tangled Webs

Tangled WebsIn the second book of the Starlight & Shadows trilogy, Liriel and Fyodor set sail for Ruathym aboard The Elfmaid, a pirate ship owned by one Hrolf the Unruly.  Her enemies follow, joining forces with Ruathym’s enemies to become a devastating invasion force. And a certain goddess is intrigued by the drow girl at the center of so much turmoil and chaos.

Liriel is so close to having all she desires:  a father in spirit if not in blood, a companion she can love and trust, a shared quest nearing completion. But Liriel’s drow nature is not easily ignored, and neither is the temptation to do anything, even yield herself to an evil goddess, to protect what is hers.


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The cover art for the paperback reprints was painted by Todd Lockwood.  To see more of his illustrations, visit his artist website.   Here’s a link to the art page for Tangled Webs, which includes a few words from Todd about the symbolism and storytelling in the art. This cover is, hands down, my favorite depiction of Liriel and my favorite Forgotten Realms cover.

4 thoughts on “Tangled Webs

  1. Liriel is missed but I find re reading her series to be a pleasant re visit every time/ Thanks Elain for such an enigmatic and endearing character.

    1. Thanks, Dave! I’m pretty fond of Liriel, though I will admit that I have no idea where she came from. She’s my wild child, I guess–that one “kid” that makes parents shake their heads and wonder how deep in the gene pool this kid had to dive before she came up with her particular set of traits.

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