The Dream Spheres

Dream SpheresThis is the first novel that was actually written for the Songs & Swords series. It’s also the last published novel in the series, though I’m certain that Arilyn and Danilo’s adventures continue offstage.

In this tale, they learn of a dangerous new trend in the city of Waterdeep, and the price people are willing to pay to live a fleeting, borrowed dream.

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 Paperback: Currently out of print. See this page on for used copies.


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Go to the info page for Elfshadow to see a list of novels and short stories featuring Danilo, Elaith, and Arilyn.

The short story “Redemption” (The Best of the Realms Book III) takes place shortly after the events of The Dream Spheres and continues the journey Elaith Craulnober takes in this novel.

7 thoughts on “The Dream Spheres

  1. Hi, i really enjoyed the Elfshadow and Winter Witch novels. I’m currently reading the Songs and Swords novel series, and i am really enjoying them, but i can’t find any copies of The Dream Spheres anywhere and i was wondering if there are any plans to re-print any or all of these novels.

    1. Thanks for the kind word, Drake! I don’t know of any plans to reprint these books, but they are available in ebook format. It’s really not practical for WotC to keep all of their backlist books in print, but I’m hoping that eventually they’ll add a POD option, so that people who prefer print can have the older books in their format of choice.

      Hey, I can dream. 🙂


      1. I hope so too. I managed to find a copy at a used bookstore and instantly bought it. I’m currently reading the Elfsong book and loving it. Are you planning on writing anymore Pathfinder Tales Novels? I’ve read Winter Witch and really enjoyed it.

        As for the EBooks and such, i just can’t read them. There’s something about actually holding the book and turning the page that makes reading so magical. I find technology removes that magic and i also tend to find the screens bother my eyes.

        1. Drake, I’ve been kicking around ideas for another Pathfinder Tales novel, but there’s nothing currently in the works.

          I like eBooks, but I understand and share your love of the printed page. I would love to see WotC do a deal with some small-press publisher who would oversee the printing and distribution of POD copies of their backlist books. There are too many books to keep them all in print, but there are many readers who want printed copies and would be willing to pay a little extra for a print-on-demand copy.

  2. I actually got this book from the library. Also, I believe that WOTC has put a lot of the books on amazon kindle. I’ve bought a few off of there. It is a good place to find out of print books.

    That being said, this wasn’t my favorite of the series. (My favorite moment was when she finds her ancestor frozen in time) but the ending, it was just so awesome. I had no clue who the real villain was.

  3. I just finished re-reading the Song & Swords series. Brilliant. Truly can’t get enough of Arilyn, Danilo and Elaith. After reading some of these posts – it seems that you don’t plan to re-visit these characters in the near future. Is there any chance that’s changed since The Sundering?

    1. Hi, Derek. Sorry for the long response time. My website has been playing Host-Server Hopscotch and a few comments and messages have fallen through the cracks.

      Thanks for the kind word on Songs & Swords. I love these three, but it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll get a chance to revisit them. The fourth editions changes, particularly jumping the storyline ahead 100 years, pretty much ensured that most of the continuing characters would not, well, CONTINUE. Also, the book department is scaling way, way back. Actually, there IS no book department at present. There are only 3 or 4 novels on the schedule for 2015, and those are being edited by out-of-house freelancers. I’m not sure what the future holds for the Forgotten Realms, but it’ll be interesting to follow.

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