image-rightThornhold, like the three Songs & Swords books before it, was originally part of the Harper series. It was intended to be the final book of the series–not an ending but a “pivot” that would lead into a new shared-author story line. This plan changed before the book was published, which left a lot of loose threads and more than a few puzzled readers.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to tie up a few of these loose ends with “The Knights of Samular,” the new tale that kicks of the short story collection The Best of the Realms Book III: The Stories of Elaine Cunningham. And a couple of years after the Harper line ended, Thornhold was folded into the Songs & Swords series, even though Danilo is only a secondary character and Elaith and Arilyn play minor roles.

Thornhold is an ancient keep, a stronghold of the paladin order the Knights of Samular. But this is not a story about paladins. It’s the story of the_ children _of a paladin, which is quite a different thing. Captured by their father’s enemies, one was raised to be a priest of an evil god, the other sold into slavery. The story begins when Bronwyn, her slave days far behind her and her past all but forgotten, is enjoying a thriving career as a dealer in antiquities and moonlighting as a Harper agent.  She comes face to face with her past when Khelben Arunsun, the archmage of Waterdeep and Harper leader, sends her on a mission to Thornhold–and into a battle that will change everything she knows about her life.

Magic, adventure, dark secrets, betrayal, politics, an adventure-loving dwarf and his rowdy clan, and, for those whose reading tastes run toward Oprah-recommended books, a deeply dysfunctional family. Fun for all!

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Brom painted the cover art for Thornhold, which is among my favorite Forgotten Realms covers and the only one that depicts the protagonist exactly as I imagined her.  To see more of his art, visit his website.